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Maximize Farm Tax Deductions in Washington

Landowners in Washington can reduce their taxes by taking advantage of farm tax deductions for excess soil fertility. This deduction comes from soil fertility testing that shows the value of legacy nutrients in their farmland. However, the IRS asks landowners for solid evidence to support this claim, putting the burden of proof on them. By navigating these rules carefully, landowners can save significantly on taxes.

How to Claim the Excess Soil Fertility Deduction in Washington

At Boa Safra Ag, we guide you through claiming the excess soil fertility deduction by valuing the excess nutrients.

  1. Soil Sampling and Mapping

    A skilled expert will gather various soil specimens from different areas of your agricultural land. These specimens are then assessed in a lab to establish the nutrient composition of your soil.
  2. Establishing Nutrient Values:

    After understanding the nutrient profile of your soil, the subsequent step involves ascertaining the market value of these nutrients, which is achieved by comparing with current market rates for similar nutrient-rich fertilizers.
  3. Generating a Comprehensive Report:

    A detailed report encompassing the soil sampling process, results of nutrient analysis, and the market value of surplus soil fertility will be prepared. This report plays a pivotal role in providing necessary proof to the IRS.

Establishing Burden of Proof

Boa Safra Ag offers critical soil sampling and analysis services to Washington farmers and landowners, streamlining the process for claiming the excess soil fertility tax deduction. Our detailed reporting equips taxpayers with the necessary documentation to meet the IRS’s burden of proof, demonstrating the fair market value of their land’s fertility.

By helping with the complexities of IRS regulations, we ensure that landowners can confidently navigate their tax deduction claims. Our approach not only facilitates a smoother submission process but also maximizes potential benefits for taxpayers, making it easier to secure an excess soil fertility deduction in Washington based on accurate and compliant evidence.

Who We Help

Boa Safra Boosts Profitability and Sustainability for a Variety of Clients

Boa Safra Ag offers the proof needed to claim a tax deduction, optimizing farm tax deductions for Washington’s owner-operators, farmers, ranchers, brokers, land investors, banks, CPA firms, and mortgage lenders. Leveraging excess soil fertility for tax savings, our services include soil fertility tests, IRS-compliant reports, and nutrient value documentation. Through soil sampling, mapping, and reporting, we aim to increase farm profitability and financial sustainability by documenting the value of legacy soil nutrients and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Soil Sampling and Testing

We conduct soil sampling and testing in Washington, aiding in farm tax deductions through detailed nutrient analysis. Our services ensure IRS-compliant documentation for farmers.

Fertility & Nutrient Analysis

Boa Safra Ag delivers customized nutrient analysis and soil fertility services in Washington, optimizing farm tax deductions with precise legacy nutrient valuation and IRS-compliant reporting.

Section 180 Reporting

Boa Safra Ag focuses on helping farmers and landowners in Washington with Section 180 conservation deduction compliance reporting. This means we make sure that people who work with the land follow the IRS guidelines correctly to get the most tax savings possible when they do things to conserve their land. By doing this, Boa Safra Ag helps landowners not only take care of the environment but also benefit financially through significant tax savings.

We specialize in soil fertility analysis services in Washington, helping farmers and landowners boost their yields. Our soil fertility testing can identify excess soil fertility, optimizing your land’s health and unlocking farm tax deductions. Contact us for a free consultation to enhance your agricultural practices and tax benefits.


Boa Safra Ag provides comprehensive soil analysis in Washington, examining macronutrients and micronutrients to accurately assess your soil composition for optimal agricultural outcomes.


Our expert agronomists in Washington master the timing of soil sampling throughout the crop year, ensuring accuracy and optimal results for farmers.


We specialize in conducting Soil Fertility Load analysis in Washington, accurately identifying nutrient levels to help establish your land’s fair market value with precision and care.


At Boa Safra Ag, we offer a detailed Soil Fertility Load report in Washington packed with essential soil data that farmers can use to maximize their deduction under IRS Section 180.

Find out if the nutrient levels in your land can help you get a valuable IRS Section 180 tax deduction by using Boa Safra’s Soil Fertility Load analysis.

To get the most out of your farm tax deductions, consider Boa Safra’s accurate soil fertility testing in Washington. Our services have helped farmers maximize deductions, saving them over $500 million in 40+ states since 2019.

Boa Safra Ag Farmland Qualifications for Tax Deduction

Farmland Qualifications

Allow us to assess your Washington farmland’s Residual Fertility Load valuation for a tax deduction. Secure an appraisal or detail the valuation in your land purchase agreement to ensure accuracy and maximize benefits.

Boa Safra Ag Testing Farmland Soil Fertility for Nutrients

Determining Valuations

If you’ve made a farmland purchase in Washington or received land as an inheritance, don’t overlook potential tax deductions for Soil Fertility Load. Consulting a tax expert can ensure you maximize these savings effectively.

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The Farm CPA Report by agribusiness expert Paul Neiffer, CPA, offers vital insights and strategies on farm tax. This valuable resource is specifically tailored for farmers and land investors, helping them navigate the complexities of taxes in agriculture.

DISCLOSURE: The content represented on this website is for informational purposes only. Boa Safra Ag makes no representations regarding the income tax implications or other use of Soil Fertility Load Analysis information and does not provide legal or accounting advice. Consultation with a tax and/or financial advisor is required.

Boa Safra Ag was founded by a team of Midwestern ag professionals to assist landowners in evaluating the presence and value of farmland soil fertility. Leveraging our extensive agricultural expertise, we help landowners maximize the value of an IRS section 180 deduction related to recently acquired farmland.

Our world class team of agronomists uses advanced technology and partners with industry-leading soil sampling and analysis organizations.

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