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Boa Safra Ag leverages our extensive agricultural expertise to provide the proprietary soil sampling and analysis reporting on Soil Fertility Load required for landowners to maximize farm tax write-offs related to purchased or inherited farmland. Our team of agronomists has extensive experience in soil and fertility science, soil sampling and analysis evaluation, and fertility load analysis across the U.S.

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Farming Beans on Rich Soil

Boa Safra Ag works with a variety of clients and channel partners to get tax deductions for their own farmland and their customers.


Streamline deals and stand out by offering clients innovative solutions like soil-related tax deductions through our partnership, helping justify higher prices and close transactions efficiently.

Banks & Lenders

Significantly improve borrowers’ credit profiles through substantial tax deductions on farmland, boosting their balance sheet strength.

CPA Firms

Enhance your competitive edge and attract more clients by partnering with us to leverage soil-related tax deductions effectively.


Help clients optimize estate value and tax efficiency, ensuring better financial outcomes and smoother estate planning.

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