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Boa Safra Ag leverages our extensive agricultural expertise to provide the proprietary analyses and reporting on Soil Fertility Load required for landowners to maximize the value of an IRS section 180 deduction and other farm tax breaks related to recently acquired farmland. Our team of agronomists has extensive experience in soil science, soil sample evaluation, and fertility load analysis across the U.S.

Together we will:

  • Review recent farmland acquisitions through soil sampling and testing to determine if each parcel’s Fertility Load could qualify as an IRS section 180 deduction
  • Answer your questions about Boa Safra Services and the potential farm tax breaks
  • Develop a plan for your farmland Residual Soil Fertility analysis

Our full suite of turnkey services for landowners interested in claiming an IRS section 180 deduction for fertility with acquired farmland includes:

Farming Beans on Rich Soil

Our full suite of turnkey services for landowners:


Development of an extensive soil sampling and testing protocol – including essential micro and macronutrients.


Collection of soil samples at an appropriate time during the crop year by our expert agronomists.


Analysis of Soil Fertility Load, determination of pre-existing soil fertility quantities and fair market value.


Detailed report of Soil Fertility Load required to claim an IRS section 180 deduction.

Farmland Qualifications

Only qualifying farmland transactions are permitted to claim pre-existing Soil Fertility Load as a deduction for agricultural production.

Determining Valuations

Residual Fertility Load valuation may be determined as part of a land purchase agreement or appraised by a qualified third party.

Warrior Connection

Boa Safra Ag is a proud sponsor and board member of The Warrior Connection – an organization committed to ending Veteran suicide and repairing family relationships through proven holistic residential retreats for Veterans and military spouses.