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Iowa Farm Tax Deductions & Write-Offs

Think your farmland’s tax benefits are maxed out? Think again! Your soil’s fertility may fit the qualifications for a significant tax break. Partner with Boa Safra Ag, and we’ll test your soil to see if you qualify for a farm tax deduction and write-off for your Iowa farmland.

$1,700/acre average savings

How is this posible? Common farm assets like structures and equipment typically top the list of tax write-offs. However, soil fertility is an often-overlooked factor that can offer considerable tax advantages. Boa Safra Ag’s soil testing and reporting of your Iowa farmland can help you maximize your deductions.

Watch the video to hear Dave, a farmer in Iowa, tell his story.

Establishing Burden of Proof

Let Boa Safra Ag partner with you to unlock the tax benefits of your farmland’s soil. Our accurate testing establishes the foundation for potential deductions under IRS Section 180. We’ll work alongside you to navigate the process and optimize your deductions, either through amortization or I.R.C. § 180.

This content is for informational purposes only. Boa Safra does not provide legal or accounting advice. Consultation with a tax and/or financial advisor is required.

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Federal tax regulations for agricultural land purchases can be complex. Let Boa Safra Ag be your first step in maximizing your deductions. We’ll expertly assess your Iowa farm’s soil nutrients, including the depreciable value of existing fertilizer, ensuring you reap the full benefits of available tax deductions.

The Results Speak for Themselves​

"I have been farming for a long time, and it was hard for me to understand this process, I thought if it was real, I would have already known about it. The truth is it’s real, it works, and the Boa Safra team is very professional. The whole process was easy and 100% turnkey. My only regret is not doing this sooner. Call these guys, you will be happy you did.”
Paul T.
"I had never heard about Boa Safra, soil fertility load analysis or IRS Section 180. The team walked me through the program, answered all my questions and as a result, I was able to utilize a $220,000 deduction. Real money for my operation.”
Jon H.
"I got a mailer and was a skeptic but decided to call. I found the Boa Safra team to be very informative, responsive, and well-versed regarding soil fertility load analysis which is the key to IRS section 180. I decided to go with them. I saved over $400,000 off my tax bill.”
Luke M.

Why Land Investors & Farmers Choose Boa Safra Ag.

Boa Safra’s deeply technical understanding of soils, taxes, and technology enabled it to develop proprietary sampling methodologies, datasets, and algorithms to deliver the most comprehensive reports available. Its scientifically driven, data-rich approach to soil deductions has been validated by national CPA firms and industry-leading lending, brokerage, and land management groups. This process includes three steps: (1) sampling and mapping soils, (2) establishing nutrient values, and (3) generating comprehensive reports.


World-Class Testing

Our experts perform soil fertility testing of your Iowa farmland to determine if you qualify for a soil fertility tax write-off.


Customized Analysis

Our customized analysis and data streamline your tax deduction process, giving your CPA the precise documentation they need to confirm your eligibility for an Iowa farm tax deduction or write-off.

Soil Testing and Analysis - Fertility

Trusted Reporting

We provide detailed reporting, ensuring it aligns with Section 180 deduction requirements, empowering you to optimize your eligible farm tax deductions.

Boa Safra Ag offers a full suite of turnkey services for landowners interested in claiming farm tax deductions and write-offs in Iowa for newly acquired farmland.


Our in-depth soil sampling protocol examines micro and macronutrients, revealing the specific nutrient profile of your soil.


Our agronomists determine the optimal soil sampling times throughout the crop year, guaranteeing the most reliable data for your Iowa farm tax deduction.


We perform comprehensive Soil Fertility Load analyses to assess existing nutrient levels. These findings provide you with the results from the soil fertility testing on your Iowa farmland, so your CPA can determine whether you qualify for a farm tax write-off in Iowa.


Boa Safra Ag’s Soil Fertility Load report delivers the precise soil data and analysis essential for maximizing your IRS Section 180 deduction. Our expertise empowers you to confidently substantiate your land’s tax write-off potential.

Ready to get started?

Discover if your parcels’ Fertility Loads could qualify for this little-known, highly valuable tax deduction.​

Since 2019, our experts at Boa Safra Ag have secured over $500 million in agricultural tax deductions across more than 40 states. Maximize your deductions, boost profitability, and reinvest in your operation by utilizing our services to optimize your tax strategy.

Boa Safra Ag Farmland Qualifications for Tax Deduction

Farmland Qualifications

To get a precise Residual Fertility Load valuation, you can hire a qualified third-party appraiser or clearly define the valuation process within your land purchase agreement.

Evaluating farmland soil fertility for IRS tax deduction

Determining Valuations

Recent farmland transactions may hold untapped tax savings. Our Soil Fertility Load deduction could significantly reduce your tax burden. Consult a qualified tax expert to assess your eligibility and maximize your potential benefits.

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