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Maximize Farm Tax Deductions in California

Landowners can tap into farm tax deductions in California using soil fertility testing to uncover excess soil fertility, rooted in legacy nutrients. This approach not only enriches the understanding of their farmland’s health but also paves the way for significant tax savings. However, when claiming these deductions, the IRS places the burden of proof squarely on landowners, challenging them to substantiate the value of these hidden soil nutrients.

How to Claim the Excess Soil Fertility Deduction in California

To claim the excess soil fertility deduction, you must assess the fair market value of excess nutrients in your soil through a detailed three-step evaluation process.

  1. Soil Sampling and Mapping

    An accredited expert will undertake the task of gathering soil samples from diverse areas of your farmland. These specimens will subsequently undergo lab evaluation to ascertain the nutrient profile of your soil.
  2. Establishing Nutrient Values:

    After discerning the nutrient makeup of your soil, the ensuing step is to assign a fair market value to these nutrients. This process involves referencing the prevailing market rates for fertilizers with comparable nutrient content.
  3. Generating a Comprehensive Report:

    A thorough report, encapsulating details about the soil sampling process, outcomes of nutrient analysis, and fair market value of surplus soil fertility will be produced, providing proof for IRS considerations.

Establishing Burden of Proof

Boa Safra Ag offers farmers and landowners in California soil sampling services, enabling them to claim tax deductions for excess soil fertility. Our analysis and reporting provide the necessary proof for the IRS, showing the fair market value of the fertile soil.

This service helps taxpayers meet the burden of proof required by the IRS for an excess soil fertility deduction. By documenting the value of their land’s fertility accurately, taxpayers can confidently claim this deduction, potentially reducing their tax burden.

Who We Help

Boa Safra Boosts Profitability and Sustainability for a Variety of Clients

Boa Safra Ag optimizes farm tax deductions for California’s ranchers, farmers, land investors, owner-operators, CPA firms, brokers, banks, and mortgage lenders. We use excess soil fertility and legacy soil nutrients to unlock tax savings through soil fertility tests, IRS-compliant reports, and nutrient value documentation. Our services in California include soil sampling, mapping, and reporting to enhance farm profitability and financial sustainability. This approach helps clients navigate tax deduction assistance efficiently.

Soil Sampling and Testing

We perform professional soil sampling and testing in California. Our precise nutrient analysis ensures farmers receive IRS-compliant farm tax deductions.

Fertility & Nutrient Analysis

Boa Safra Ag offers customized nutrient analysis in California, enhancing soil fertility and optimizing farm tax deductions through precise legacy nutrient valuation and IRS-compliant reporting.

Section 180 Reporting

We help farmers and landowners in California with Section 180 conservation deduction compliance reporting. Our team helps you follow all the IRS guidelines so you can get the most tax savings for your conservation efforts. At Boa Safra, we understand how important it is to protect the environment while also making sure you benefit from your hard work. Let’s work together to make sure your conservation practices not only help the planet but also your pocketbook, by maximizing your tax savings according to the law.

Boa Safra Ag specializes in soil fertility analysis services for California farmers, aiming to boost farm tax deductions through expert soil fertility testing. We tackle excess soil fertility with precision, ensuring your land’s productivity peaks. For a deeper understanding of how we can assist in enhancing your farm’s output, reach out for a free consultation today.


We excel in providing detailed soil analysis in California, focusing on both crucial macronutrients and micronutrients to fully understand your soil composition for optimal crop health.


California’s expert agronomists perform soil sampling at key times throughout the crop year. This timing boosts the accuracy of our results.


Boa Safra Ag performs Soil Fertility Load analysis in California to accurately check nutrient levels, helping determine your land’s fair market value.


Boa Safra can give farmers in California a detailed Soil Fertility Load report filled with important soil data. This helps them make the most of their deduction under IRS Section 180.

Find out if the nutrient levels in your land can get you a special IRS Section 180 tax deduction by using Boa Safra’s Soil Fertility Load analysis.

To maximize deductions on your California farm tax, use Boa Safra’s soil fertility testing. This approach has helped farmers in 40+ states claim over $500 million in farm tax deductions since 2019.

Boa Safra Ag Farmland Qualifications for Tax Deduction

Farmland Qualifications

When buying farmland in California, consider a Residual Fertility Load valuation to get a tax deduction. You can either get an appraisal from a qualified third party or include the valuation method directly in your land purchase agreement.

Boa Safra Ag Testing Farmland Soil Fertility for Nutrients

Determining Valuations

After a farmland purchase in California or receiving an inheritance, explore the possibility of Soil Fertility Load tax deductions. Our experts can guide you through the process to ensure you have everything you need to maximize your deductions.

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DISCLOSURE: The content represented on this website is for informational purposes only. Boa Safra Ag makes no representations regarding the income tax implications or other use of Soil Fertility Load Analysis information and does not provide legal or accounting advice. Consultation with a tax and/or financial advisor is required.

Boa Safra Ag was founded by a team of Midwestern ag professionals to assist landowners in evaluating the presence and value of farmland soil fertility. Leveraging our extensive agricultural expertise, we help landowners maximize the value of an IRS section 180 deduction related to recently acquired farmland.

Our world class team of agronomists uses advanced technology and partners with industry-leading soil sampling and analysis organizations.

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